Killingworth Foundation’s: Applied Arts & Sciences Award

Of the many volunteer activities I’ve participated in my 50 -plus years living in Killingworth, CT, one of my favorites has been serving on the Scholarship Committee of the Killingworth Foundation.  I enjoy meeting the young students and talking with them about their aspirations for their educations and futures.

This year we launched a new award, The Donald Welter Award for Excellence in the Applied Arts. The scholarship is named after a long-time resident who was active in the community and taught industrial arts at a local high school.

Founded in 2007, the Killingworth Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports local community groups and grants awards to students for higher education. While we’ve been offering scholarships for academic achievement and for aptitude in the fine arts, we didn’t recognize industrial arts until this year. The members of the scholarship committee realized the need to expand their awards to include students seeking different careers, and are aware that to obtain a liberal arts degree from a four-year college is not the best choice for everyone. We are excited to provide a small monetary gift to help a student entering the vocational trades.

On June 1, 2016 the Killingworth Foundation presented its first award in applied arts and sciences at the Haddam Killingworth High School. The committee agreed to honor a highly motivated graduate who plans to major in Media Studies and Digital arts, with a focus on producing documentaries.

We wish the recipient the best of luck, and hope that she’ll be the first of many to achieve the Donald Welter Award for Excellence in Applied Arts.