Meet me at the Mikvah?

Now I’m going for Aquatic Therapy. In November I experienced a bad fall and have sustained pain and fatigue, and have been sapped of my strength and vitality.This is not me. I recently underwent two knee replacements like a trooper. After all the diagnostic tests and treatments,  it’s been determined that I have Spinal Stenosis; a condition everyone endures to some degree, when aging. The Stenosis is caused by calcification in the spine which presses on the surrounding nerves. I’m being brief. However I won’t be offended by corrections from the medical professionals. It seems like there is no cure for this other than having an operation. Since the opinions that i get about back surgery are mixed, I decided to resort to an operation only as a last resort, when and if I can’t walk.
Since I love to swim, I decided to try Aqua Therapy. There aren’t many places in my area t with this program, but I did find a small private facility that offers both PT and Aquatic therapy The pool is 15′ by 10′, similar to a Mikvah, the ritual cleansing bath used by Orthodox Jewish people. It can accommodate two people, is equipped with parallel bars and even a whirlpool. Various flotation aids and weights are also available. The exercises are not strenuous, or unusual, but  because I am buoyant in the water I have a good workout in half an hour. Exercising will not cure the problem, but I am hopeful that with it,  I can strengthen my muscles, increase my mobility, and marginalize the symptoms of the Spinal Stenosis. Who knows, maybe I’ll even  lose a pound or two in the process!  If only the pool was large enough for a little swim after all that work.
I am not complaining. There is a bowl of Hershey kisses at the desk; a little reward for work well done and a little something to boost my energy.Image