Do you visit Dunkin Donuts for coffee, a bagel, a doughnut or Coolatta? Or do you go to Dunkin Doughnuts to see wild animals?

I was having a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and I noticed a young man waiting in line with something coiled around his arm that looked like a snake. I took a second glance thinking that he might be sporting some kind of ornament. But no, the snake did move. It wasn’t the garden garter snake that emerges from under the rocks in warm weather, or the beautiful black snake that makes a rare appearance. This snake was grey, at least two inches in diameter, more than three feet long and with large intricate markings on its skin. The reptile’s handler was holding it by the head. I figured that I would just stay where I was sitting until they left.

When it was the young man’s turn to order, the person behind the counter calmly reminded him that it’s against health regulations to bring animals into a restaurant, and asked him to take his pet outside. At the very least, reptiles are carriers of the Salmonella disease. The fellow’s companion put the snake in a bag and left while the snake owner waited for the food.

Back in my car, I saw the two men walking across the parking lot with the bag in hand. Were there other snakes in the bag? What else might they be carrying? They might have been herpetologists, who worked with snakes, studied them, and enjoyed them as pets. It’s through such people that we learn about snakes and other reptiles. But then, would a responsible handler bring a snake into restaurant ?

I was a bit uneasy, and happy that their itinerary didn’t include the supermarket, my next stop.



  1. When I was a little girl, I found a grass snake and brought it into the house. My mom was on the phone, glanced my way and smiled, thinking it was a toy snake. When it moved, she screamed and through the hand-held part of the phone against the wall! 🙂 Ahh childhood was fun…
    Diana xo

  2. Hi Barbara, Although the doctor has ordered me to keep away from Dunkin Donuts – so no chance to see any exotic critters there, I do ride public transportation in the city with a few similar siteings! Most often I see ferrets either on the laps or shoulders of passengers. Their presence usually assures the owner of a seat and some additional space, as well. I don’t use the subway much anymore since the stairs are a real hurdle for me. But I remember seeing quite a few pet monkeys accompanied, of course, by their owners, especially, for some reason on the L Line ( the Fourteenth Street train which goes to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.) Williamsburg had started to become quite trendy and the home of some eccentric types. Funny that people who travel with more mundane pets, like dogs or cats, usually conceal th

    • You are right. People with mundane pets tend be less conspicuous. A woman sitting next to me on a plane, pulled a tiny dog out of a bag. The dog was not a nuisance.Could understand why she didn’t want to put that dog in a baggage compartment. Thanks for your comment. DUNKIN DONUTS does have good coffee.

    • Thank you for your comment. Robert. You are right People with mundane mets are less conspicuous. A woman sitting next tome on a plane, years ago, pulled a tny dog out of a bag. The dog did not cause any problems, Could undrerstand why she wouldn’t put him in a baggage compartment. Ski phe doughnuts, DUNKIN DONUTS has good coffee

  3. We always enjoy your blog. Just back from Rome, where the endless varieties of human life were pretty exotic fauna!! XxLetty Sue

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