Recently, our children helped Marty and I celebrate our 60th   wedding anniversary, with assistance from practically all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.


The Klein Sibling Quartet

The Klein Sibling Quartet


Our children cooked a delicious lunch and Madeline; the family pastry chef supplied two scrumptious cakes that were devoured. They roasted and toasted us. They put on a multi-vintage slide show and ran a black and white silent film of our wedding.


Although the cast of characters has changed, believe me, some things never change. On the day of our anniversary celebration, Marty and I were fighting fierce colds and I refrained from kissing the guests, especially the little ones. April 4th, 1954 was a blustery, cold day. After running around with bare shoulders I was coughing and sneezing in tune with the band.

On the first day of our honeymoon we drove to Macon, Georgia and visited old friends of Marty’s, Bunnie and Vera Godfrey.

After 60 years Vera reminds me of the beautiful onyx tray that I sent them from Mexico. After 60 years I’m still grateful for Vera’s gift of the box of cough drops that saved my life.





15 thoughts on “Achoo!

  1. Congratulations on reaching your 60th wedding anniversary, I am only half way there . It would be interesting to hear more about your wedding in comparison to the often lavish overdone events of today.

  2. We were really sorry that we couldn’t be there to join in the celebration. I’m especially sorry we missed the Klein Quartet performance. They are the always the best!
    Love, #1 sister-in-law

    • Have to admit that the “Quartet” added an addendum to their tributes of 2004. The little ones missed you. They would have had such a good time with you. Thank you for writing.

  3. Barbara, you have an amazing memory. I love those silent black and white films. It must have been fun to watch. Happy belated 60th anniversary to you and Marty – I’m so glad your family was there to celebrate with you!
    Diana xo

  4. Dear Barbara, Some things may never change, but some do! Or else would your beautiful children now be wearing glasses when reading a poem or words of a song they wrote for you and Marty? Happy Anniversary! Love, Robert

  5. It’s often the small things in life (cough drops) that have the greatest impact on us, and elicit the strongest memories!

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